- The seller sends out / transfers the goods within 3 - 5 days from the day when the seller provides payment for the order in his bank account;

- Urgent cases, if the Buyer needs faster dispatch / handover, the Buyer informs the Seller about it in order to agree on the possibility of faster dispatch / handover;

- Delivery costs depend on the type of delivery chosen by the Buyer, the available standard types of delivery are:

a) Delivery using OMNIVA parcel, price - (LV-2.88 EUR); (LT-6.50EUR); (EEST-6.50EUR);

b) Delivery using DPD parcel, price - 3.50 EUR;

- In cases where the Buyer wishes to receive the order using another delivery method, the Buyer must coordinate it with the Seller;

- In cases where the preparation of the order was delayed, the Seller responds to the Buyer for the delay in the delivery of the order;

- The seller does not take responsibility for the delay in the delivery of the goods, which are related to the delay of the delivery service provider chosen by the buyer (Omniva, Express mail, etc.).


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